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We named our collection «Pylos Poems», because the flavors that compose them are arranged as the lyrics of a beautiful landscape-inspired poem.
Classic flavors such as olive oil and olives are presented in elegant packaging, with high nutritional value and aligned with the flavorful Mediterranean and Messinian tradition.
The collection is enriched using as absolute criterion the importance το detail. Only the best deserves the signature «Pylos Poems».

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  • Our Vision
    The people of the Royal Elements they want to promote the exquisite traditional products of Pylos with the unique tastes of Messinian nature on the table around the world.Mehr ansehen
  • Our Olive Groves
    Our olive groves are located in a historic place, where nature and climate are in an impressive harmony.Mehr ansehen
  • Why Pylos Poems
    Our rich knowledge of the olive is related with the experience of olive growers and the modern methods of technology.Mehr ansehen