Giftbox Gold

Ultra premium extra virgin olive oil 500ml

Giftbox <b>Gold</b>

From the town of Pylos with love...

Aimed at lovers of gastronomy, the travelers of taste who want to offer to their loved ones something different.

The gift box "Euphoria" includes the green gold - olive oil -, balm of life - balsamic vinegar with honey - and the food of the gods - the honey-.

The "gifts of nature" that contain the secret of longevity, fertility and fertility in a modern packaging with luxury touches on packaging, Can be offered as an original present but also as an excellent gastronomy proposal of high quality and delicious to travel to the table of your favorite person.

Through the variety of the products "Pylos poems" you can create your own combinations offering you and your loved ones a gastronomic selection of your heart.

Make your own "Euphoria" gift box from the collection "Pylos poems" products:

  • Ultra premium extra virgin olive oil 500ml "The green gold..."



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