The flower honey produced from the nectar of flowers and is characterized by a balanced bouquet of flowers. It has more “sweet” taste of other honeys respectively, smooth aromatic mild flavor, unique bright colors, ideal for use in various beverages (tea, milk). Use daily to your breakfast to start fresh and add energy to your day. Add it on yogurt, along with a few whole grains for a great dinner. You could accompany the fruit with a little honey and cinnamon as a little snack.

Nutritional value of honey

It is one of the healthiest foods and gives instant energy to the body. Consists of important nutrients which promote human health. It falls on the Mediterranean diet plan, giving the organization a significant amount of vitamins, enzymes, sugars, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. Both Aristotle and Hippocrates gave special attention to their writings, for therapeutic, healing and anti-inflammatory action of honey. It is an ideal food for children, adults, middle-aged, athletes, and pregnant women.


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