The most famous olives in the world, carefully picked and engaved only in the traditional way that deserves such a valuable product. The olives of Kalamata is the “black queen” among the different varieties. Full and enjoyable food that accompany salads and dishes or eaten plain as a healthy snak.

Olives are rich in antioxidant caroten and Vitamin A strengthens the immune system, help in treating skin diseases, working against carcinogenicity , prevents skin aging and helps in building strong teeth, bones and hair.

Olives also contain calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and iron. Each mole contains about 10 calories, and it is a good idea to reduce the consumption of people with hypertension, ulceration. However, it is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet and is included as an important nutritional ingredient in almost all healthy diets. Contains 60 times more calcium and ten times phosphorus from the oil, and three hundred times as much vitamin A (as b-carotene).

Kalamata Olives - Pylos Poems


Glass jar, 580gr


Kalamata olives in unique virgin olive oil


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