Royal Elements Traditional Premium Foods creates products guided by past experience combined with modern quality assurance systems. The company strictly implements national legislation on its facilities that are fully harmonized with the EU Directives and comply with all the requirements of quality management systems, ensuring perfect hygiene conditions during storage and bottling.

Pylos Poems - Olive Grove - Premium Greek-Messinian products

Our olive groves are in a historic place, where nature and climate are in striking harmony. Specialized personnel monitor and check systematically the proper development of the trees and their fruit and deal with each stage of production to ensure for the consumers the exceptional Extra Virgin olive oil, a product for which all we are proud.

Main characteristic of our produced olive oil is its exceptional quality. In the qualitative supremacy contribute the cultivated varieties, the land conditions, the collection method and the microclimate of our region. For the production of “Pylos Poems” products we select with strict criteria raw material, which we were supplied by our olive groves.

Pylos Poems - Olive Oil Kalamata - Traditional Premium Greek products

Our fundamental goal is to combine ancient Greek traditions with the most advanced methods of technology. The olive groves are organically cultivated using natural processes with conditions absolutely friendly to the environment, without the use of chemicals for fertilization and sprayings. We take samples of the soil and trees and harvest fruit the traditional way, a way passed down from generation to generation.

Traditionally olive trees are beaten by hand using long sticks forcing the olives to fall on the ground, fruits falling in large “elaiopana” (these are large canvas sheets that are placed below the trees during the harvest to ensure that olives don’t touch the soil) then collected, leaves are removed and olives are transported to modern centrifugal mill cold pressed.

Pylos Poems - Olive Grove - Premium Greek-Messinian products

In this way we guarantee our consumers the Organic Extra Virgin olive oil of low acidity, with special characteristics such as full bodied and full flavor, freshness, bright green color and fruity aroma. This advantage of organic cultivation protects the consumer from hazardous toxic substances contained in pesticides, which are sprayed in conventional cultivations and provides higher nutritious value.

The olive oil collected, filtered and stored in stainless steel tanks in accordance with the rules of the European Union, falls strictly in compliance with all food safety standards. Then bottled under strictly controlled specifications and thus ensure its excellent quality and the hygiene of our products for the final consumer. The collection «Pylos Poems» is our culinary proposal which will pleasantly surprise every lover of gastronomy.